I know, right!  I can hear you saying to yourself, "This has got to be the most unique manicure I have seen in months!"  I try folks.  LOL!  I just really wanted to do a classic, sophisticated french.  What's the twist you ask?  Those tips aren't white.  They're actually pink.

Sinful Colors Easy Going has to be one of the softest pinks I've seen.  Just to give you a comparison; the picture below is a mani I did several weeks ago and didn't post.  This is what I call a heart french done in China Glaze White on White and Sinful Colors Easy Going.Super subtle difference, huh?  It's a pretty pink, but I'm finding it a little difficult to find ways to use it because it's so muted and soft.  It just looks like white.

I got my perfect french tip shape using reinforcement stickers.  I don't know why it took me so long to think of using them for this.  I like my french tips to follow the line of my natural tip and it was difficult for me to tape that off and there's no way I can freehand that.  The reinforcement sticker was the perfect solution.  I wore this for several days.  It was such a refreshing, elegant mani.