Twinsie TuesdayI have to be honest and confess that my nail care routine is severely lacking these days. I rarely use cuticle moisturizer of any sort and because of that I get dry skin around my nails that I tend to bite at. Gross. I know. But the worst offense is that more often than not, I pick off my polish. Ahhh!! This is one of the brazen crimes one can commit in the polish world. I get a gross sense of satisfaction when I can get the all the polish off is one intact sheet. Horrible.

Nail Care Routine
Anyway, I'm sure my nails would be in much worse shape if I polished them more often, but once or twice a week is all I average now, so there's not as much polish removing (in any form) going on these days. Once upon a time I took impeccable care of my nails. You can check out that post here. I'm positive that my fellow Twinsies take better care of their nails than I do.

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