Hey gals!  Today is day 2 of Share the Love and I'm happy to have Sarah from See Sarah Swatch joining us.  Sarah has created some fun frankens and is here to show one of them off.  Welcome Sarah!

Hello!! I'm Sarah from See Sarah Swatch, and I have one of my favorite frankens for you today! But first, I want to thank Rachel for hosting me today! I'm super excited, so let's get started:] This one, I named In the Dark of the Night:

This is 2 coats
I used red-to-green color morphing powder, a liiiiiiiiiiittle of green-to-blue, and Revlon Watermelon Fizz & Royal & some black
The glitter is so freaking pretty in this, especially with the crushed flake-y type from the Watermelon Fizz. So this is named In the Dark of the Night because it reminds me of that song from Anastasia!! That was one of my FAVORITE movies when I was a kid, and I still love every minute of it. Just watch this & I dare you not to love it ;]
gah!! Such a good movie:] I love the little bat, Bartok.
Anyway, back to nail polish! I hope you liked my franken for you today. If you want to see another one, follow me over to Heather's blog, The Polished Panda, tomorrow for my next guest post! & thank you again Rachel for hosting me today!
Mixing my own polish colors is a foreign world to me, but I love seeing the creations others come up with.  Thanks for stopping by Sarah!
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