Good morning and happy Friday!  Are you Black Fridayers?  I'm not.  I would rather pay more money than camp out in the cold so I can fight crowds for door busters.  No thanks.  So today marks the end of Share the Love.  I'm really happy I joined this small group of ladies in this experience.  Again, thank you Amanda for putting this together.

To finish off the week I was trying to think of something fantabulous, but I couldn't get this mani out of my head.  I have been wanting to try thumb print nails for a while now.  I've played around with it different ways to do this, but failed a few times.  I just wasn't getting the result I wanted.  I don't know why I wanted to try this so badly, but I just kept coming back to it.  After painting my thumb and stamping it on a piece of paper about 30 times, I found the formula that worked best.

Despite finding the best method, I still redid each nail about 5 times.  I'm not sure what I think about the results.  Can you tell it's a finger print?  My base color was Orly Green Apple and I used Sally Hansen Black Out for the stamping.

I did think of another possible way to do it that I might try and see if I can get better results.  If I figure out a way to get good results without redoing each nail a bunch of times, I'll post a how-to.

They're kinda CSI.  Do you think you would ever try thumb print nails?