Santa Claus if coming to town! I saw this Santa design on Pinterest and thought it was pretty darn cute and simple. The picture said it was uploaded by the user and didn't have a link to anything so I can't give credit unfortunately. Thanks for the great design whomever you are!

When I sat down to start this Christmas nail, I painted a fleshy base color for Santa's face.  I got almost completely done and it just looked strange.  I didn't like it.  I took it off and chose a different fleshy-ish color.  Still bad.  Then it hit me; the natural color of my nail bed is the best flesh color I could possibly use!  DUH!

I started over yet again this time with no base color, just a base coat.  I think these Santas came out extremely cute and festive.  Once I got his skin tone figured out, it was smooth sailing.

Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas (nails)!