For day 2 of black and white week I have what I'm calling a grey scale four square.  I originally wanted it to be a gradient as well, that moved from light to dark.  I tried it on my pinkie and didn't like that both dark colors were on one side.  It made it feel heavy.  So I changed my plan and did the lights and darks opposite each other.Doesn't it kind of look like a shield?  Like there should be some family crest in the middle of it?  I really like this design.  I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen Wet Cement, CND Asphalt and Sally Hansen Black Out.  I didn't realize the CND Asphalt had so much blue in it.  In some lights it actually looks like a dark blue rather than a grey.

As usual I want to try this with other colors and maybe throw in some glitter.