My husband and I went to a Moustache Bash last night. Everyone was supposed to wear a moustache and I really didn't want to wear one, so I did it on my nails.  This is my third moustache mani and I think my best.

I just got my Julep Maven box for March and really wanted to use the salmon colored cream they sent me.  I had already polished my nails with Julep Selena, so I randomly added Julep Alicia polka dots to it.  Salmon and pea green aren't the first two colors one might put together, but I really like the combination, especially when you add the brown acrylic moustache.  The brown really tied all three colors together.

I honestly don't really understand where the recent moustache obsession came from.  Are moustaches really that cool?  I prefer my hubby with a clean upper lip personally.  To each his (or her) own.  We had fun at the Bash last night none the less.