So in case you hadn't noticed, I've been doing green manicures since March 1st.  It's starting to get a bit challenging.  There are lots of fun things I would like to do, but not in green.  This is an example of a design that didn't translate, at least not in these particular shades of green.

Let's be honest... it looks like celery.  Am I right?  I guess it's appropriate since I'm dieting and eating lots of veggies lately.  It was absolutely not my intention to create a celery manicure, but I'm pretty sure that's what I got.  Oh well.

I started with a base of Julep Selena, then sponged on some OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window.  Lastly I took a striping brush and did some tiny stripes in Julep Selena and my celery was born.  Don't get me wrong, I like celery, especially when you put peanut butter or cream cheese on it, but celery nails aren't yummy.  Fail.