I'm really loving these, what I'm calling, dart manis lately. I seem to think of a new color combination that I want to try each time I sit down to do my nails. I'm restraining myself though.

I love the idea of this one a lot more than I love the actual result.  It's just not that clean and it's really bothering me.  I didn't actually keep it on very long because of it.  Again I used acrylics for my rainbow because of their opacity.  Try layering a red polish over black and you'll need at least three coats to get decent coverage.  I guess I could have done a white dart, then layered my rainbow over the top of the white and been able to use polish.

In the process of this design I also learned that using acrylic paints with a tape mani is a bit trickier than a polish tape mani.  With polish you want to take the tape off quickly, while the polish is still wet.  With acrylic I learned you should wait for it to dry, and even then, the tape may pull some of the paint off or stretch it out.  Not a fan of taping with acrylics.  Lesson learned.  However, I can't promise I won't try it again in the future and learn this disappointing lesson all over again.