It's Tuesday again!  They just keep coming, don't they.  Today we're posting our go to manis or polishes.  I honestly say I don't have really have a go to.  There are one or two designs I tend to gravitate to when I'm looking for inspiration.  The Nailside Cloud is one of them.  I'm always putting color combinations together, but don't actually do them very often or that's all I would be posting.

I have to say right off the bat, I apologize for the oily look I'm sporting in these pictures.  I swear I wiped my cuticle oil off.  Ugh!  Sorry.  Anyway, I just love Jane's cloud design.  It's so simple, yet so stylish and makes such a statement.  This color combo was inspired by my kitchen; light greyish-blue and a little red.

A month or so ago I decided that Zoya Kristen would be the perfect color for my kitchen and wouldn't you know it, Sherwin-Williams Windy Blue is pretty much a dead match.  I know Kristen is described as a grey-blue, but to me it's definitely blue with a bit of grey.  I do think the grey comes out more depending on what color it's paired with.  With Color Club Reddy or Not layered over it, Kristen is totally blue.  I loved this manicure so much I actually wore it on all ten fingers for three full days.  Whoa.  That's like, forever in nail polish land.

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