I'm a tad bit disappointed in this mani.  Okay, let's be honest, tad bit is an understatement.  I flat out don't like this manicure.  Why post it then, right?  Well, we all have epic failures here and there.  I just wanted to show  you that, despite what you may have heard, I'm not perfect. ;)  I wanted to do more than one stripe, but ran in to some logistical issues.

I found some tip guide stickers that I bought years and years ago and decided I would use them for this chevron mani.  Two stickers wouldn't fit on any of my nails.  My nails are pretty long in these pictures and there was just no way to put more than one sticker on there.  Darn.  Chevron fail.

I was shooting for a very neutral, nude color scheme.  I used OPI Swedish Nude and Jordana Chiffon.  I don't think I'm a fan of Jordana Chiffon.  I've used it for a few different nail art designs, but as a polish itself, it does not compliment my skin tone.  This was just a disappointing manicure on all counts.