Who watches Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel? I do! We've watched it for years now. I miss Phil Harris. He was my favorite captain.

I had an idea a while back to do half moon crabs and being that the season premier of Deadliest Catch was last night, I though this would be the perfect time to try out this design.  Yes, I know.  These crabs are on a sandy beach, while the ones on the show are in the icy Bering Sea.  Minor detail.

These were so easy, I can't even tell you.  Seriously.  I painted my nails red with Color Club Reddy or Not, very quickly since only the cuticle portion was going to show, then used Jordana Quick Dry top coat to help speed things up.  Once it was dry enough, I put my reinforcement stickers on and did a quick coat of Jordana Chiffon.  With my dotting tools I made some eye balls using China Glaze White on White and Liquid Leather in addition to the red.  With a small nail art brush I gave my crabbies pinchers.  Then to give it a sandy look, I added some Icing Glimmer.  I topped it all off with Jordana Quick Shine top coat.

Aren't they cute?  It feels very beachy to me.  I flipped this picture around so you could see it from a different angle.  A fun, easy design.