Are you sick of me talking about my new neon polishes yet?  I hope not, because here's another manicure done with them.  I love this one so much, not only did I do it on all ten fingers, but I did this as a pedicure as well.  So fun and summery.

The pink I showed you yesterday, Milani Pink Hottie, the blue is Milani Fresh Teal, the yellow is Revlon Zealous and the purple, I've already shown you as well, is Milani Rad Purple.

This design just makes me happy when I look at it.  And the pedicure looks super cute peeking out of a pair of black peep toe heels.  Leopard print it one of my favorite designs.  It's so easy to do, yet has such a visual impact.  It can be subtle and sophisticated, funky or even sexy depending on what colors you choose.

I actually touched this one up a few times so I could wear it for several days.  Loved it!