Tuesdays feel like they come around more often than just once a week. This week we're all playing with tape and busting out some nail art. Some of us dabble in nail art quite a bit and some not quite so much. It should be fun to see what everyone presents today.

Back in November I posted this Chevron Nail Tutorial. It has gotten a lot of traffic and has been pinned many, many times on Pinterest, so I'm capitalizing on it's popularity. I loved that mani and have been wanting to do another one ever since. This is the perfect opportunity.

You would think that after borrowing pinking shears from my neighbor to do the first one I would've gone out an bought a pair for myself, but no. This time around I borrowed a pair of shears from my mom. If you look closely at the two manicures you can see that the shapes of the chevrons are a little different as a result of the two different pairs of shears I used. Each time I would look at pinking shears when I was out shopping, I couldn't decide which shape I liked better and wanted to spend my money on. I have decided that I definitely like this shape better. It's a lot sharper. Maybe I'll just "forget" to return my mom's.

I was undecided about which colors I wanted to use. I kept coming up with combinations that had grey in them. I love grey and all, but my last one was grey and yellow so I wanted to do something different than that. I texted my interior design student sister for her opinions. We can all thank her for inspiring this color combination.

Can anyone guess what color my blue is? Not a very hard riddle, I'm sure. Yes, China Glaze For Audrey. Such a fabulous color and versatile blue. The white is China Glaze White on White. As a side note it anyone's interested, I've been using Poché top coat lately and am loving it! I haven't used it on any seriously detailed nail art yet to see how it performs, but so far, it may be my new "go to" top coat.

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