Hey all! This week we are doing skittles. Other than my feather skittles, I don't think I've done any "taste the rainbow" manicures. Oh, I guess there was the cloud skittles that went along with the feathers. I didn't want to do plain old skittles. BTW, Skittles sound sooo good right now! Dieting and thinking about candy do not do well together! Anyway, I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't done a water marble in a really long time; since my Christmas peppermint candy nails. It was time to bust out my carton of distilled water and get to work!

Don't these look like they should taste or smell fruity? Mmmm... I can taste the tropical Skittles now. I love this mani. I paired each color with Julep's Annette, a soft grey cream. I love how it softens the colors a bit. Contrasted with white they would've popped a lot more and been a lot more vivid. The grey cools things down a bit.

If you're thinking the green looks a bit blurry, it's because it actually is. I dipped my finger in a little too close to the center of my bulls eye (after I dragged in the design of course) so the lines aren't quite as crisp. So the grey on all of my fingers is Julep Annette. The blue on my thumb is China Glaze For Audrey, the yellow on my index finger is Julep Blake, the purple on my middle finger is OPI Do You Lilac It, the coral on my ring finger is Julep Alicia and the green on my pinkie is Orly Green Apple. The three Julep polishes I used for this manicure all came in my Maven Boxes. I love being a Maven and getting that little black box in the mail each month. You should sign up for the program if you're not already a member.

Which finger is your favorite? I love them all! I think I'm leaning towards either the yellow or purple as the front runner though.

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