After my not so chic, Revlon Chic mani a few days ago, I needed to do something to dress it up a bit.  I sponged China Glaze Liquid Leather over the top of it.  I don't know that I would technically call this a gradient, because there's not really a transition from one color to the next.  It almost looks like a sponged Ruffian.  Either way, I really like it.

You know what I don't like?  The mess sponging makes of your fingers.  And black is hard to clean up if you skin isn't pristine.  This is my right hand and it's always a little worse for wear than my left.  It works harder and sometimes it shows.  The black that got on my skin was really hard to clean up.

I would do this again.  Maybe with a little glitter and sparkle too.