A few days ago I got a nice email from Brittany asking if I could so some "basic, but classy" wedding nails.  Let me tell you, if I could go back and do my wedding over again, I would love to have worn one of these instead of the french tipped acrylics I had.  Back in the day, it seems as though acrylics were expected.  Not anymore ladies!  Nail polish is an accessory just like any piece of jewelery would be.  Plus, if you do your nails yourself, it's a lot cheaper than paying for a professional manicure or severely damaging your nails in the name of beauty. 

I thought of a few different ideas for Brittany.  Instead of dragging this out in to several posts, I did each design on a different nail.   The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be upstaged by your own manicure.  Think understated, but definitely not boring.

First, on my pinkie, is a base color of Sinful Colors Easy Going, a super duper soft pink.  In this post, I showed a heart french with Easy Going on top of China Glaze White on White.  It really emphasizes how soft of a pink it really is.  Then I simply sponged on some Icing Glimmer, a gold micro glitter in a clear base.

In contrast to my pinkie, is my ring finger.  Also a base color of Sinful Colors Easy Going, but this time I sponged on Color Club's Art Club polish in holographic silver glitter.  Gorgeous!  This one is in my top two.

In keeping with the sponging, on my middle finger we again have Easy Going as a base.  I started sponging on some OPI Pinking of You, but thought it was too subtle of a change in color so I switched to OPI Pink Friday.  This one is pretty self explanatory, but not my favorite.

Lastly, on my index finger and thumb, we have a very understated, soft water marble.  For this one I used OPI Pinking of You marbled with OPI Swedish Nude.  This is my other top two.  This is the kind of design that may not be noticed by a lot of your wedding guests, but will make you feel prettier for sure!  You know, like wearing fancy under roos.  It's so delicate.

There you go Brittany!  I hope this gave you some inspiration.  I have a polish on the way that I think would make for a perfect wedding mani as well.  It'll be here soon, so keep an eye out for it.