Do you ever have one of those days where you need to do something to your nails so you have something to post, but you really love the mani you're wearing?  I really didn't want to take off this pink and orange gradient.  I love how bright and colorful it is.  I could be an air traffic controller with these nails.  I heart them!

I really needed to do something to post for you guys today though.  I was sitting on the couch thinking about this dilemma and it came to me.  This lattice tape mani.  This baby was a pain in the you know what!  I'm glad I chose to only do it as an accent.  I started out trying to do this with Scotch tape, but couldn't cut it thin enough or straight enough.  So I busted out the striping tape.  I wish striping tape was stickier.  I had a hard time getting it to stick around the edges.

Once I got all the tape placed and tucked in to the edges, I polished a coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather, then carefully pulled off each strip of tape one at a time.  I love this, especially over a bright gradient.  However, I probably won't be doing this again any time soon, just because it was a bit of a hassle.