One of my favorite things about summer time is cherries.  I love cherries; especially Bing!  I had an idea to do a cherry mani a while ago.  I was needing some inspiration today, so I went to my "To Do" list and decided to bust this one out.

It was actually pretty simple, just took some time.  I'm sorta bugged that my ring finger looks a bit like an apple rather than a close up cherry.  I guess, if you took a close up picture of a cherry, it would look like an apple though.  This mani just makes me happy.  They're cheery cherries!  :)

I started with NYX Girls White as my base.  It's a really thin white.  It took four coats to get descent coverage.  The only plus to a super thin formula like that is that I didn't get any bubbles in those four coats.  My cherries are China Glaze Velvet Bow and OPI Black Cherry Chutney.  My polka dots are China Glaze Starboard and the stems are a mix of Starboard and Finger Paints Sketchy Character.  I topped it all off with Poshé.