Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in my life, and especially my husband!  I think this mani is lots of fun!  I was originally planning to put a tie on each nail, but then had the idea to do a whole shirt look with the tie in the center. 

I have to get off subject here for a second.  I can't believe how tan my hands are getting!  I've been out in the sun quite a bit lately, so I'm sporting a nice summer glow.  I'll have to look back at my pictures from a month or two ago and see the color difference in my skin.  The white polish in this design must be bringing out the tan more, because for some reason I really noticed it when I loaded these pictures.

My base color is Sally Hansen White On.  My pinstripes are Julep Annette which is a light grey creme, but for some reason looks tan or beige over the white.  It's not just the pictures either, it actually looks tan.  Strange.  My tie is Julep Kylie, which is magnetic.  I was going to paint a detailed tie, but was just too busy and didn't have time to do something that time consuming.  So I opted to go with a magnetic polish that would create the design for me.  The first magnet I tried didn't really work, so I had to hurry and go with my second choice magnet.  It's actually pretty hard to see that there 's even a magnetic effect going on because the tie is so small.  Regardless, I'm happy with the design as a whole.