When I first saw the post that inspired this mani, it was one of those that made me say, "Whaaat?!  I was baffled as to how it was done, but it was actually really easy.  A magnetic gradient.  I wish I had better magnets for this because it kinda just looks striped, but I promise you, it's magnetic. 

The aforementioned post was THIS by Laurie of Dressed Up Digits.  I actually only own two magnetic polishes, so short of going out and buying more, I had to make due with what I've got.  Good thing they work very well together.  I used Julep Kylie and 17 in grey for this design.  It's genius really.  Start like you're doing a regular old gradient mani, then use a top coat that is not of the quick drying variety.  This will re-wet your polish enabling you to use your magnet to get the desired effect.  You should apply the top coat and magnet one nail at a time.  That's it!  Go ahead and apply a second coat of your favorite top coat if you wish .

Simple, right?  I really would love more magnetic polishes and really want more magnets.  The two I have are essentially the same thing.  I'm bored with them already.