I realized that I hadn't used the Essie Chocolate Cakes polish that I had gotten recently and decided to build a mani around it.

I'm not very good at putting my polishes away after I've used them.  Sometimes putting them on top of my helmer is the best I can do.  It's just me being lazy.  It's like putting laundry away.  Half the time I let my clothes sit in the laundry bucket because I can't be bothered to put them away.  Anyway, I was looking at polishes to use with Essie Chocolate Cakes and grabbed the first couple that caught my eye that were sitting on top of my helmer.  Essie Alligator Purse and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.

Chocolate Cakes really is the exact color of a milk chocolate cake.  A nice deep brown, yet very warm.  I can taste the cake now.   While the polka dots aren't necessarily retro, the color scheme is very 60's or 70's.  I'm just missing the avocado green.  Not the most summery looking manicure, but I love it none the less.