When I first posted Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings, someone commented that it looked like glowing embers from a fire.  I agreed and have been wanting to play with that idea ever since.

These turned out a little more rainbow/striped looking than I had intended.  Oh well.  I started with a yellow base of Sinful Colors Pull Over.  Then free handed in each color after that.  I was doing it with my non-dominant hand which I feel like added to the organic shape of the flames.

A simple thing like flipping a picture up side down will really make it look odd.  Strange really, but I wanted to show you the right side up view of the mani.

My orange is Jordana Orangesicle and the red is China Glaze Phat Santa.  I added in some Jordana Smooth Blue since flames really do have some blue in them, but it looked dumb to me.  So I quickly threw some China Glaze Velvet Bow on top of it to hide it a bit.  It helped, but the damage had already been done.  Again, oh well.  Lastly, I free handed on some China Glaze Liquid Leather and added my Cauldron Drippings.