That's a bit of a tongue twister.  Again, I got my inspiration (in part) from a tissue box.  While it wasn't this dottie design, it was purple on purple, so I stole the color combo. 

It's not as obvious as I'd hoped, but there is a spiral design going on with those dots.  I started with a single dot in the center of my nail and built around it until my nail was covered.  It kinda just looks like lots of small dots though.  I guess I put them all a little too close together.

My darker purple base color is Wet 'n Wild On a Trip.  This is from their MegaLast line.  I love the color, but hate the brush!  Okay, so it's not the brush I hate so much, it's the wand (or whatever you want to call it) that the brush is on.  It's so wide and thick that it barely fits in the bottle.  The brush I don't actually mind so much.  It's growing on me.  It's significantly wider than the OPI brushes and rounded on the corners rather than square.  It actually fits pretty perfectly against my cuticles so it's really easy to get a nice, clean line.

My lighter purple is OPI Do You Lilac It.  I've been wanting to try a spiral design for a while now.  I think next time I'll just use lines rather than dots so you can actually see the pattern.