There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to this manicure.  I picked four colors that looked good together started blobbing it on.

I had intended to blob on the grey as well, then spur of the moment, ended up outlining my blobs.  With no theme or name in mind, I asked hubby what he thought it was (like I usually do).  He stared at it for a few seconds not knowing what to say.  Of course there was not right answer since I didn't know what it was myself.  Then he said it reminded him of the old variety show Laugh In.  I think he hit the nail right on the head.

It definitely has a 1960's vibe to it.  I really quite like how random it is.  It was kind of refreshing to just throw splotches on my nails and not try to achieve perfection.  Not that my designs are usually perfect, but that's usually what I'm shooting for. :)

The polishes I used were Wet 'n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint,  Milani Pink Hottie, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and CND Asphalt.  I topped it off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Off topic, make sure to check in Monday to hear my super cool news!  I can't wait to tell you!  I'm so excited!