What would you do if you ran out of your super shiny top coat or just didn't think it was shiny enough?  Paint on your own shine.

It was kind of a crazy idea, but fun to try.  I polished my nails with Julep Viola, a deep raisin colored creme.  I only applied two coats, but should have used three.  You can see some streaky spots on my ring finger.  Then with a small detail brush and a white polish (don't remember which one I used) I added on a highlight to each nail.  Even though it seemed redundant and unnecessary, I used a glossy top coat.  It looks nice, but the faux highlight and the actual highlights from the lights battle each other a bit.

So I added a matte top coat.  Much better!  First I used the Sephora matte top coat and it hardly did anything.  Disappointing.  I switched to NYC Matte Me Crazy which worked much better.  I think this design is really fun.  It almost looks cartoonish.

What do you think of my matte, shiny nails?