I hate when you take a mani one step too far and ruin the whole thing.  Why did I add that hideous swirl?

I didn't see this when I was doing it, but looking at the pictures now it looks like the silhouette of a cat's tail against a big, full moon.  Uh, yeah, I meant to do that. ;)  Border nails are hard!  The ones I've done in the past were a different technique and were much easier, but also had a different look.  They're not really the same thing.

This look took me a lot longer than I felt like it should have.  I might try this again some time in the future, but it definitely won't be soon.  I love the colors together though.  The blue is Revlon Chic and the grey is Julep Brigitte.  What do you think of my unintended cat, sort of Halloween-ish mani?