This mani almost seems wintery.  I got the idea for the color combo from a note my Tumblr from user Shopincedarhill in reference to my black and gold mish mash.  Chrome and pearl.

At first I wasn't sure they would look good together.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I love the color of OPI Swedish Nude, but I don't use it too often because it's pretty sheer.  It takes a minimum of three coats for decent coverage.  I paired it up with China Glaze Platinum Silver.

These two are beautiful together.  It's a very high class, elegant combination.  The mish mash design  dials the formal color scheme back a bit though and lightens the whole feel up.

Because China Glaze Platinum Silver is so shiny and reflective, it was a bit tricky to photograph.  I had a hard time getting any one photo that I was in love with, but still many that are pretty freaking great.

Do you love this chrome and pearl combo as much as I do?