I had an irrational fear of aliens when I was young.  I blame Steven Spielberg.  E.T. scared the pants off me.  For years I would plead with my older sister to let me crawl in bed with her because I was afraid E.T. was coming to get me.  Even when I was an adolescent, I used to take the stairs from the basement two at a time because I was sure that E.T. with his squatty legs was right behind me.  My cousin had a small, stuffed E.T. doll and I hated going in her room because of it.  It stared at me.  Yes, irrational. That fear is gone.  Mostly because I can't say that I believe in little green men (or wrinkled little brown ones either.)  I did think an alien mani was an appropriate design in honor of Halloween though.  These little guys were pretty easy to bring to life.  The hardest part was getting their eyeballs lined up.  I mostly succeeded.    The green is Sinful Colors Innocent.  I'm happy to report that with a sufficient base coat, it didn't stain this time.  I used China Glaze Liquid Leather for the black details.

Are you a believer in alien life forms?  I am, to a point, but don't believe they look anything like these guys do or that they are going to abduct and experiment on me.