I had epic plans for our Halloween costumes this year, but I procrastinated and ran out of time.  What I had planned for my daughter's costume is a little over my head and I will definitely need help from a seamstress more experienced than myself.

Plan B was a farm of sorts.

Waaaay back in high school I made myself a pink bunny costume.  There was one animal down.  My mom had a cow costume in her collection that she had made for my sister way back in the day so all we needed was an animal for our daughter.  A white leotard and hundreds of white pompoms later we had a little lamb.

As you probably deduced from the mani, I was the cow.  I used Julep Brigitte, China Glaze Liquid Leather and a large dotting tool.  This was a full, two handed mani to go with my costume.

It was a fun Halloween.  We didn't have as many trick or treaters as we had planned for so we have lots of leftovers.  Might have to send them to work with the hubs just to get them out of the house.