Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!  I hope you're all celebrating with loved ones and yummy food.

I'll keep it short today.  I chose the colors for this mani based on my chosen Thanksgiving Day festivities outfit.  My right and left hand manis don't usually match, but on special occasions I go with a full ten finger design.

I had something different planned, but when I tested SOPI Blasted Gold with another color to see how they worked together, I learned it's a crackle.  I bought it from a blog sale and had no idea it was a crackle.  I already own a gold crackle and never would have given it a second glance had I realized that.  Oh well.

I still loved the tone of this gold and wanted to use it anyway, so I changed my game plan.  I used Essie Chocolate Cakes and polished SOPI Blasted Gold over the top of three fingers.  On my middle and ring fingers I polished with Sinful Colors Mint Apple, sponged on some Blasted Gold and added some Chocolate Cakes polka dots.

I'm completely in love with the results!  Especially the middle and ring fingers.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  have a wonderful holiday.