I wanted to try my hand at Rudolph and his buddies again. I like 2012's version much better than 2011's version.Reindeer2.0 (8) WLcopyThis year I actually remembered to do only one Rudolph.  Last year I got carried away with the red polish and before I knew it they all had red noses.  I actually did the brown noses first this time to avoid the same mistake.

I used two different browns to make a bit of a two toned face for my reindeer.  I started with Sinful Colors Nirvana the polished a smaller panel of Julep Vera which is a lighter brown.  I went with brown noses as opposed to black to soften the look a little.  My brown noses are Essie Chocolate Cakes.  Rudolph's nose is Sinful Colors GoGo Girl with some Barry M Red Glitter over the top.  The black I used was Sally Hansen Black Out and the white was Sally Hansen White On.  The gold antlers is a metallic acrylic.  I topped this design off with Chill Zone top coat.

Reindeer2.0 (9) WLcopy

You know you've succeeded in creating a recognizable design when two and three year olds can tell what it's supposed to be.  What do you think?  Do you like last year's version or this year's better?