I've been wanting OPI Spotted since it came out. Reading different posts about how it was difficult to apply and sometimes gave disappointing results made me feel a little better about not being able to get my hands on it since it's not available here in the United States.Watermarble_spotted (11) WLcopyCutePolish's recent water marble video eliminated OPI Spotted from my wish list.  I would love to know how she figured this out.  It's genius I tell you.  If you haven't figured it out, this is not OPI Spotted (the fact that it's grey may have clued some of you in).

Watermarble_spotted (12) WLcopyI love this look. It looks like the top layer of your polish got eaten away by acid and this is what's left. Such a cool look that really would be difficult to achieve any other way.

Watermarble_spotted (16) WLcopyFor this look I used Sinful Colors Timbleberry, Zoya Robyn and Arizona and Color Club Edie for my base colors. I just randomly painted them on in blocks (as is demonstrated in CutePolish's video tutorial). I used CND Ashphalt for the top marbling color on most of my nails and just out of curiosity, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather for my pinkie. I can't decide if I like the grey or black better. I think I like them equally and for different reasons.

What do you think of this technique? Do you like this look?