This mani is 100% inspired by my hair.  Several weeks ago I showed you that I'd had my sister put leopard panels in my hair.  While I miss the vibrant purple and red of my coon tails, I love how unique the leopard is.  I've literally had people stop mid sentence to ask me about my hair. leopard_hairWL

Leopard_vgap (5) WLcopyI started out doing a full leopard mani, then freehanded in the brown to represent my hair with the leopard peeking out from behind it. I used OPI Swedish Nude as my base color, black and burnt orange acrylics for the spots and Finger Paints Sketchy Character is the brown.

Leopard_vgap (12) WLcopyI can't imagine that I'll ever tire of leopard prints in general.  It truly is my favorite mani and I love rendering people speechless with my unexpected hair.  Now I just need to get my self the pair of leopard TOMS I've been eyeballing and I'll be set.