I'm sure it's the color scheme of this manicure that is reminding me of the eighties. I'm a child of the eighties so I guess it's appropriate. 80s (3) WLcopyI love Color Club Edie. It's such a great aqua creme. I paired it up with black and metallic gold acrylics.

A while back I picked up a Maybelline top coat. It was very nondescript and didn't boast super shine or a quick dry. Sometimes I like a nice thin top coat to use between layers when I'm using tape or something or if I have to walk away from a mani in the middle of doing it. I'll slap on a thin top coat to protect what I've already got so I can come back to it later. This manicure is a good example of why you wouldn't want to use a cheap, thin top coat if you are looking for glassy sheen.
80s (8) WLcopyEnlarge the pictures if you need to so you can see the scratched looking finish to these nails. A top coat like this would be fine for every day where, but definitely doesn't provide the super shine that I like to sport.