One of my most favorite things about Easter is Robin Eggs.
Splatter_pastels_RobinEgg (5) WLcopyI know I can get Whoppers any time, but they don't have the pretty candy shells that you can use as lipstick. Please tell me that my family is not the only family that colors our lips with Robin Eggs.

Splatter_pastels_RobinEgg (8) WLcopyFor this splatter I used brown acrylic paint. The craft acrylic I used is much thinner than nail polish so it was easier to use, but blobbed a bit more. The clean up was a breeze though. After I had applied my top coat and let it dry, I scrubbed the acrylic paint off my skin. So much easier than horribly drying out my skin cleaning up with polish remover or acetone.

Splatter_pastels_RobinEgg (10) WLcopyFor this design I used Revlon Cloud, China Glaze Peachy Keen, Essie Borrowed and Blue, American Apparel Butter and Barry M Mint Green.