After putting this mani together and taking all the pictures, I realized that I've never done a tiger stripe mani. Why not? I'm adding it to my list.

AnimalPrintSkittles (5) WLcopyI've seen plenty of similar manicures out there so I decided to try one myself. My favorite is the leopard, of course. Love me some leopard.

AnimalPrintSkittles (7) WLcopyI painted my tips with polish and pretty much did the rest with acrylics. The polishes I used were OPI The "It" Color, Jordana Chiffon, Sally Hansen White On and Essie Alligator Purse.

AnimalPrintSkittles (12) WLcopyWhat is your favorite animal print? Just in case you aren't sure, my pinkie is a cheetah print. Yes, cheetah and leopard are different. Google it. :)