I'm not a nautical person. I'm actually terrified of open water. No, not just open water. Any body of water that is deeper than I am tall. Thank you Jaws.
Nautical (6) WLcopyI don't mind being on a boat though. I've been on two whale watching boats in southern California. I quite enjoyed those excursions. Thinking too much about how much water is below the boat and what is in that water can get my heart beating though. Despite my fears, I saw this post of Pinterest and liked it. Then I learned that it's yet another Cutepolish tutorial. I swear, this time I didn't even know I was doing one of her designs. :) Super cute, pretty easy, done.  All I need now are some boat shoes.

Nautical (9) WLcopyFor this design, I used NYX Girls White, NYX Sepia and white and red acrylics.