Who watches Game of Thrones?  Not me. :/ I sure do hear a lot about it lately though. GameofThrones (4) WLcopyWhen I saw Chelsea's mani for our Twinsie Tuesday post this week I just had to try for myself. She did her mani from this tutorial. What a fun technique!

GameofThrones (9) WLcopyFor this design I used Revlon Rainforest and a couple different glitter nail art polishes I have. I love the bumpy texture of this design. It really does lend itself to a scaled look. In retrospect I wish I'd used a nice thin top coat so as to preserve the texture. After I took my glossy pictures, I used a matte top coat because I don't think most reptiles are shiny, but the crappy matte top coat I used sucks and it didn't look matted at all. Oh well.

GameofThrones (11) WLcopyIs this a technique you have or will try? I'm thinking up more applications for it. I always love techniques that don't require me to clean a brush or spend an hour cleaning up my fingers (ie water marble or splatter).