Do you all remember back in elementary school when you would take your crayons, draw a bright, colorful picture, then cover it all up with black crayon? Then you'd get out a pencil and scratch a picture in to the black crayon to reveal the fun underneath? Why not apply that same technique to your nails?

BlackScratchScales (2) WLcopyI first used this technique on my Game of Thrones nails after seeing this tutorial.  I love this application.  I can't get over how the lines of the scales look variegated.  They're each their own little rainbow. :)

BlackScratchScales (6) WLcopyTo get this look I used Zoya Mitzi, Robyn and Arizona, and NYX Girls Pink Strawberry in random blobish spots so that my whole nail was covered. I let that dry as long as my patience would allow. The drier the better. Then polish on one moderate coat of black polish. I used China Glaze Liquid Leather. You'll want to do one nail at a time. As soon as you paint on the black, take a small dotting tool and gently scratch in to the black polish to create your design. Be gentle so as to avoid scraping the colored polish off as well. This is why it's important that your color underneath be as dry as possible, although, the black polish over the top of the color may re-wet it. Work quickly and gently.

I've already got my next one planned.  This is a fun new technique for me that doesn't require really any clean up.  What's not to love?