Getting your house ready to sell is a lot of work! I feel like it's all I've been doing for months now. I'm ready to be done sorting through junk and painting and caulking. We're in the home stretch though, so there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.
Argyle_tans (10) WLcopyAll the home improvement-ing has occasionally made it difficult for me to find time to work on fantastic manicures for you all. This past weekend was one of those times. I thought I was going to have to repost an old mani or just ditch out on it all together today. Then I remembered these gems. I did this mani for a guest post that has yet to be published, so I figured I'd put them to good use and show them to you today. I've been keeping my nails quite a bit shorter than this lately. I feel like they look really long here.

Argyle_tans (14) WLcopyFor this design I used Julep Vera, Alyson and Brandt. Any guesses as to what blog this mani was meant for? ;) If you aren't familiar with my argyle tutorial, you can check it out here.