These three colors just happened to be sitting next to each other on my counter the other day and I thought they coordinated very well. Leopard, floral-bottlebrush,white, orange, brown (12) WLcopyWhen I showed this mani to my almost three year old daughter, she said it was a giraffe. I guess this is a giraffe leopard print. :) As I mentioned the other day, I've been experimenting with bottle brush designs. Why pull out the art brushes and various tools if you don't need to? Using only the bottle brush likely won't get you the crisp, precise lines that art brushes will, but it can be well worth the ease in the creation. No cleaning brushes and wasting polish on palates. I'm actually really liking the more organic, free lines of this technique.

Leopard, gradient, crackle,bottlebrush (4) WLcopyBut wait... the design changed?  Did you notice that?  I wasn't a fan of the flowers that I attempted in the first picture, so I started over on those nails.  I did not use the bottle brush for the gradient.  I did in fact use a sponge for that, although that could have easily been done with the bottle brushes.  I'll save that for another post.  For these designs I used NYX Girls White, Sinful Colors Nirvana and China Glaze Sun Worshiper and Sally Hansen Snow Blast for the crackle.

Are you a fan of the simplicity of bottle brush manis? I do think that the use of art polishes is acceptable in these designs being that they have a built in art brush. I may need to collect me a few more of these type of polishes so I can be a little more versatile with my looks.