Growing up each of my siblings and I had a section of flower bed that we were responsible for caring for. We were in charge of planting, weeding and watering. When I was about fourteen I planted a few sunflower seeds. Bugs love sunflower plants so it was hard to get them to grow bigger than an inch or two before they were ravaged by insects. One did survive however. I wish I had a picture to show you. It grew to be about ten feet tall and the flower at the top was bigger than a dinner plate. I was pretty proud of that flower.

Sunflower (3) WLcopyI'm really quite happy with these sunflower nails as well. I used OPI Sea Ya' Later Sailor for my base and the rest of the colors are acrylic. This was super easy to do since I could be somewhat careless with my brush strokes. And the little bumblebee is the perfect finishing touch to accent my ring finger.

Sunflower (10) WLcopyDo you ladies plant flowers? Now, my flower beds are all shrubs and perennials. Low maintenance. Annuals are too much hassle for me.