Or apricot pit. Apricot is probably more accurate being that it was the apricot face scrub in my shower that inspired this color combination.

PeachPitPolkaDotGradient (3) WLcopy

I originally just did a brown to peach colored gradient, but it looked very blah. So I added the polka dots. I used Finger Paints Sketchy Character and China Glaze Peachy Keen. Then I tried a new top coat that I picked up last week. I'm always curious to try new top coat in a never ending quest to find the next best thing. I'm not too impressed with Diamond Dry. It was thin, which I don't necessarily mind. It smeared the polish and dried with a strange texture to it. I couldn't feel anything strange about it, but if you zoom the picture you can see an interesting crystallized pattern to it. Odd. This type of top coat is good for when you need a layer of polish to dry quickly so you can tape over it. It's nice and thin and dried quickly.