Ahhh... A week off felt good. I have so many things on my mind lately that it's hard to find the desire to play with my polish lately. My mind is almost completely occupied with the stress and anxiety that comes with selling and buying a home.

Anyway, today's TT theme is the beach. When I sat down to do this mani, my nails were painted a neon pink and I tried to think of ways to incorporate that color into the theme. A nasty sunburn was the only way I could think to do that. I am recovering from a pretty bad one myself. Serves me right for not putting sunscreen on my back.  I decided against a sunburn mani.

Ocean (3) WLcopyI remember seeing a beach inspired mani by Chalkboard Nails a while back and wanted to do something along those lines.

I pulled out a bunch of blue polishes and got to work using a watercolor technique to cover my nails, then with a striping brush I used some thinned white to create some wavy lines mixed in there. I love the end result! It totally says ocean (or swimming pool) to me. I would absolutely do this again.

Ocean (16) WLcopyFor this design I used: Zoya Robin, NYX Ink, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, Essie Borrowed and Blue and NYX Girls White. My sand was Icing Glimmer.

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