Not everyone in our Twinsie Tuesday group lives in the United States. Since last week we posted our Independence Day themed manis, this week the sisters that live outside the USA got to choose the theme. Elizabeth from Did My Nails gave me my assignment. She is living in Hong Kong and challenged her corner of the group to build a manicure around Hong Kong's symbols of good luck and fortune. She gave us a bunch of suggestions to get us going.

HongKong (10) WLcopyI did a bit of a mish mash with her recommendations. I pretty much represented everything she talked about.

My pinkie and middle fingers represent dragons. My index finger represents koi fish. And my ring finger and thumb show their lucky colors of red and gold along with the number 8. I really love how my dragon scales turned out; they're my favorite.

HongKong (15) WLcopy

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