Needle drag fail. I really dislike this mani. Today the name of the game was to try something new. I guess that was open to interpretation a bit. I probably could've tried a new polish and called it good, but I wanted to try a new technique. I had a different one in mind that I wanted to try, but time was short, so I went with the needle drag. Thumbs down.

NeedleDrag_white_navy (5) WLcopyI'm wondering if part of my problem was that the Cult Nails Time Traveler that I used has gotten a tad bit thick with age. I'll have to try again with a thinner polish and see if that makes the difference. I like my index finger the best, but I'm not in love with any of them. I used Sally Hansen White Out as my base color.

NeedleDrag_white_navy (7) WLcopy

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