Doing a "Something New" theme right after Christmas was perfect. Of course someone gave me polish. For today, I decided to do a drippy/chevron nails design featuring my new Color Club Golden Girl.

Chevron_drips_gold_blue (2) WLcopyThe name of the polish makes me think of the show The Golden Girls. That show is hilarious. I hope when I'm old I'm just like Sophia. What a spitfire.

Chevron_drips_gold_blue (5) WLcopyAnyway, I paired Golden Girl with NYX Ink. I'm really loving the look of jellies lately. The transparency of them bugged me in the past, but I'm really liking the glassy look of them right now. For the two chevron nails I tried washi tape this time. I really liked it! I wish it were a little wider, but otherwise I thought it was pretty perfect to work with.

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