Twinsie Tuesday
Another repost. :/ I know, I know. It's pretty cruddy of me. I'm having some difficulty making time for manis when there is so much to be done at home. Nail polish has been pushed to the back burner. I don't feel ready to call it quits yet though. I'm also struggling with today's theme. I'm very private and haven't even said where I live. I couldn't easily come up with a mani that represented my home town that wouldn't give too much away. I still live in the same county as the town where I grew up so I feel that I still need to keep that quiet.

Regional (4) WL2copy
The mani I'm reposting today is the regional one we did almost 2 years ago. I themed each nail after a different state in the region I live in. You can read the original post here.

Regional (8) WL2copy

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