The first time I tried this it did not work.  I thought I knew better than the instructions and didn't follow them very well.  A few weeks later I tried again, following the directions word for word, and they turned out awesome!  I was so excited!  I used the real estate ads that come in the free weekly circular we get in the mail.

To do this mani:

Paint your nails a base color.  I used white, but any light color would work just fine.  Your polish will need to be pretty dry, but you don't need to wait for it to dry completely.  Get your newsprint and cut it in to small pieces that will cover your nail well.  Pay attention to gaps in the text and cut close to the letter so you won't have too many giant blank spaces on your nail.  Grab some rubbing alcohol (I don't believe the percentage matters) and put some in a tiny bowl or just pour it in the lid like I did.  Dip your nail in the alcohol and soak it for 10-15 seconds.  Pull your nail out and put your newprint strip right on it and press down.  Don't rub or you'll rip the paper and screw up your polish.  I pressed with my thumb and rocked back and forth about 10 times.  Gently peel the paper off your nail and voilà!  Repeat the process on each nail then put a good top coat on it.  I've also seen this done with comic strips and comic books.  I wanna give that a try too.